Daily Art: Another Sketchbook Page Down

March 21st:

I unofficially finished page 25 of the Cut-Up Sketchbook.

Then I colored this scene in a Disney coloring app on my sister's iPad:

I unfortunately do not remember the title of the app in which I created this image, but it was one of those officially licensed Disney products. They provided the outlines and pattern design: I just colored it in and told the pattern brush where to go.

Daily Art: Organization

February 10th:

I got a week or two behind on posting my Daily Art, so I spent some time on the tenth of February organizing my artwork for 2015. I created a calendar set-up for the year in InDesign with the intention of posting images of my Daily Art in the corresponding cell for each day. I may even turn it into a real calendar for next year: images of my previous year's work to motivate me to create something every day next year.

Unfortunately, within an hour of finishing this - before I even got a chance to catch up on posting the images that I organized - I came down with the worst stomach flu I've had since I was a child and, consequently, didn't produce a single piece of artwork for the next two days.