Daily Art: A Really Rough Sketch

May 21st:

This was an extremely quick sketch that I did just before bed to get an idea down on paper. I had a vision of a creature-version of mother nature where her entire abdomen is shaped like one of those woven, hanging bird nests. I haven't really nailed down the rest of the concept except that her limbs should be somewhat spindly in contrast to the rounded abdomen.

Daily Art: This Idea Needs Much More Work

May 20th:

I had an idea for a little creature whose bones got longer as they radiated out from the center of it's body instead of shorter - a creature of backward proportions, so to speak - but it didn't work out quite the way that I planned. This was another poor drawing day. I think that the idea was good, but the execution left a lot to be desired.

Daily Art: Happy Couple Sketch

February 6th:

The beginnings of a sketch for a Valentine's Day image. In the end I wasn't happy enough with this beginning to go any further with this drawing.

Daily Art: My Next Top Model

January 12th:

The design for the next 3D model that I would like to make: an artsy grad student that could easily fit into my 3D gallery scene. I envision her style a little like the female character in the Disney short "Paperman", but with a somewhat more relaxed, artsy vibe.