The Sketchbook Project: First Pages

I have completed the first 2 pages of my sketchbook with the exception of a little round sign on the inside cover that I intend to fill out once my book has been completed and is otherwise ready to mail. May this image bring you as much joy as it does to me:

The Sketchbook Project 2018: Pages 1 & 2

The Sketchbook Project 2018: Pages 1 & 2

The Sketchbook Project

The Brooklyn Art Library in New York City has a program that I'm proud to say I will be a part of this year: The Sketchbook Project. As part of the project, anyone can purchase a sketchbook from the library and fill it almost any way they desire. The participant then mails the sketchbook back to the library, and the sketchbook becomes part of their permanent collection, travels across the country to art exhibits, and will be catalogued and rotated for viewing at the Brooklyn Art Library as long as it stands.


I have filled my book with patterns and textures. Now for the fun part...

Daily Art: Cut-Outs

February 21st:

This is the sketch on page 28 of my Cut-Up Sketchbook. On February 21st I just did a bit of x-acto knife work on the page cutting out the portholes that had no yellow in them. The portholes with the yellow were already cut out back when I cut out the portholes on page 27.