Daily Art: Cut-Outs and Character Sheets

Day 104:

Ok, so it's not really a character sheet yet, but I began sketching to create one. Unfortunately the sketching was slow because I was doing a bit of a redesign during it, but I feel like I'm going in the right direction. The subject of my character sheet will be the Mother Nature character that I posted on this blog in earlier Daily Art entries. I decided to change the "cloak" to something detachable. It's now connected to a bunch of birds that land on Mother Nature when she wants to wear it and fly away when she doesn't.

The bottom two images were sketched when I was considering that the character may be able to transform according to her environment, reflecting the flora and fauna of the location. I realize that there's not much to them, but they were just a couple of sketches while I was brainstorming...


Day 103:

I cut out some pieces of my cut-up sketchbook. They are difficult to see in this image without knowing where to look, but they're there:

Daily Art # 16

I have begun the digital painted version of Mother Nature.

Day 45:

The first stage of the wind turbine on which Mother Nature is frolicking.


Day 44:

The sketch depicting the general layout of the digital image.

Daily Art # 15

Days 37 - 43:

I've had a lot going on in the past week, but I managed to make a tiny bit of progress each day on my Mother Nature design. Unfortunately I failed to document her each day as I've done in this past, but whatever is in the folowing image that wasn't present on last week's post is the cumulative total of this week's progress:

This image of her is now complete. Next up is a full-color view of her in a posed position.

Daily Art #13

Day 33:

Just some quick concept sketching today:

I'm planning a piece of digital artwork depicting a character design for a sculpture and 3D model of a Mother Nature figure. I'm trying to improve upon the design and execution of a sculpture that I completed many years ago. The basic concept for the character's design will be the same, but I hope that the character will benefit from my additional years of study by attaining a new sophistication and depth this time around. I've had many new ideas for her costume elements over the years, and I plan to improve upon the generic pose of the original by giving her a sliver of environment to interact with so that she will portray a bit of a narrative as well as an interesting design in her new incarnation.

I also did another random little concept sketch:

I have no immediate plans to transform this concept into a full artwork. It was just something that popped into my head after my sister saw the Red Riding Hood sketch and suggested that I create a whole series of Fairy Tale twists. This image doesn't really speak to me the way that Red Riding Hood did. I like it, but it just doesn't seem quite as poetic as a tiny Red leading the huge wolf along by a leash made of her cloak...