Daily Art #13

Day 33:

Just some quick concept sketching today:

I'm planning a piece of digital artwork depicting a character design for a sculpture and 3D model of a Mother Nature figure. I'm trying to improve upon the design and execution of a sculpture that I completed many years ago. The basic concept for the character's design will be the same, but I hope that the character will benefit from my additional years of study by attaining a new sophistication and depth this time around. I've had many new ideas for her costume elements over the years, and I plan to improve upon the generic pose of the original by giving her a sliver of environment to interact with so that she will portray a bit of a narrative as well as an interesting design in her new incarnation.

I also did another random little concept sketch:

I have no immediate plans to transform this concept into a full artwork. It was just something that popped into my head after my sister saw the Red Riding Hood sketch and suggested that I create a whole series of Fairy Tale twists. This image doesn't really speak to me the way that Red Riding Hood did. I like it, but it just doesn't seem quite as poetic as a tiny Red leading the huge wolf along by a leash made of her cloak...