Daily Art #11

I've been a bit distracted lately making progress on other projects followed by an out-of-town visit, so I'm going to catch up on posting my recent Daily Art projects in two blog installments today. The second post will be made much later in the day after I finish making the cell phone pictures that I've been taking lately to document my artwork quickly presentable. For now, I'll just be posting progress from days 17-20 until I get the rest of my images spruced up to my liking. (As always, I'll present the works from most recent to least. I do this because that is the same order in which my blog posts are presented and I would prefer to keep the images in some semblance of chronological order if one were to scroll through the posts - even if it is reverse chronology...)

Day 20:

The finished painted mirror that I posted my start on a few weeks ago (minus the finishing clear coat):


Day 19:

More work in my "Cut-Up Sketchbook" - this time with paint.


Day 18:

The in-between stage of the finished painted mirror that I completed on Day 20:


Day 17:

A blue ballpoint pen ink drawing of the character named "Felix" that I designed early in 2003. It's just a quick sketch that I did one day while I was bored. I'm not particularly happy with the position of the back leg and its foot.