Preproduction: Week 1

Off to a bad start! I scheduled my summer workload to start on Wednesday after a family visit concluded, but, alas!, I've been sick since Tuesday! As much as I love my niece and nephew, I can't wait to start living in a house without any small children again - my immune system doesn't seem to be up for the challenge!

So, instead of getting myself off to a great start revising my warrior's character design drawings and building his maquette, I was reduced to spending the majority of my week reading Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey by Emily and Anne Bronte, respectively. I have now read one book by each Bronte sister (having read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte previously) and I can say that, based on the aforementioned sampling, Charlotte is so far my favorite, and Anne manages a close second. I have no very mean feelings towards Emily's work, in fact I rather enjoyed Wuthering Heights, but I had a hard time loving it because I just couldn't see the allure of her so-called "romantic hero". Heathcliff seems much more the villain to me than the great lover I've heard him referenced as. Given the choice of a tortured, villainous romantic hero I'd much prefer Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom to Bronte's Heathcliff (Slight Spoiler Alert Here) - at least the Phantom seems to repent and rank Christine's happiness over his own at the end - the same cannot be said of Heathcliff...

Anyway, I seem to be getting off topic... (Easy to do I suppose when one's topic has as little substance to it as mine does this week.) The sum total of my labors around the family visit and illness was not much at all: two armatures and an initial clay covering of one of those. That's it. No drawings, no finished pieces: two armatures with some clay pressed onto one. Must do better next week. (Thankfully I've scheduled myself as having weekends off, which allows for some catch up time in cases such as this.) So, for now, I bid you adieu, and leave you with this snapshot of my progress: