Daily Art: Nathan's Drawing

February 25th:

Just before Christmas of 2014 I visited my sister and let my niece and nephew each draw on a page of my cut-up sketchbook. I left it entirely up to them what they wanted to draw. My nephew, Nathan, drew a dragon and my niece drew what I can only assume is a fanciful galaxy of some sort. She wouldn't really tell me what she was drawing: just that she would make it pretty. The drawings are located somewhere between pages 30-40 of my sketchbook, so I won't officially get to them for some time, but I couldn't resist doing a bit of work on them on a day when I was thinking a lot about those kids.

My strategy regarding the pages with the kids' drawings is to leave all of their work untouched, but to do my own work on every bit of white space they left blank on the page. I want to incorporate their drawings into my own designs in a manner similar to that in which I incorporate the existing patterns on the patterned pages of my sketchbook, but with the intention of respecting the integrity of their drawings much more than I do the printed images.

My work in the above image is all of the tiny patterning set between the marker strokes in the head, arms, and torso of the dragon.