Daily Art: I Finally Finished This Page!

January 7th:

I finally finished this page of my Cut-Up Sketchbook. I've explained about my Cut-Up Sketchbook project before, right? Well, for anyone that doesn't know, my Cut-Up Sketchbook is a book that I bound myself using a combination of white drawing paper and sheets made of collages of handmade papers (for the record I made the collage sheets, not the handmade papers themselves). I have since proceeded to draw and paint in this book, as well as cut out pieces from it. In this book I use an x-acto knife as a drawing tool, letting the pages before and after each page influence the one on which I am currently focusing. I love this project. I think that this is some of the most honest artwork I've ever done: it comes straight from my soul. My greatest hope is that someday I can figure out how to incorporate this style into my more "professional" work, but for now I'll just keep creating my Cut-Up Sketchbook.