Fall Directed Study - Weeks 14 & 15

Hmm. I knew that I had gotten behind on this blog, but I failed to recall being this far behind... I thought that I had at least finished my directed study posts.

Anyway, in the last two weeks of the last semester of my college career I worked on a model for a friend's thesis project: an 8 bit style princess.

(Design by Einar Masson for the animated short "Amazing Adventure" by Danny Clark.)

I began by building the skirt. I started with matching the form up to the overall outline.

Then I rounded out the whole form.

That was all of the work that I was able to accomplish in week 14. It took much longer to build this skirt than it should have due to the fact that I was working on my laptop, which is outdated now and lacks the proper power for this sort of work.

By week 15 I was back on my desktop PC and managed to finish the figure of the character: