Directed Study - Week 5

I feel that I have made a lot of good progress on my thesis modeling this week. I’m still not as far as I would like to be, but I managed to finish a couple more Juggler object models before my GDS with Tareq this week and then I actually had time to continue working on thesis models between Tuesday and Friday, which has been otherwise unprecedented this semester due to having two labor-intensive courses back-to-back on Friday. I usually spend all of Tuesday through Friday either drawing or sculpting for Creature Design or rendering out materials in Modo for Photo-Real Rendering, but this week I got to throw some actual modeling work in there as well.

        So, first of all, what I brought into my GDS this week was a finished stapler model, a tape dispenser, and an arrangement of all of the objects that I’ve created so far where they will fit into the Juggler figure.

Tareq seemed to approve of my models and recommended that, rather than smoothing all of the objects before bringing them together into the figure, I just leave them all low-res and view them with smooth-preview on so that the scene doesn’t become too polygon-heavy. So, in class I switched out all of the high-res models for low-res ones and then moved on to modeling a rubber stamp, eraser, and a few rubber bands for the Juggler’s hand. 

When I got home from my GDS class I continued on with my rubber bands, modeled a pencil and a pen, and then proceeded to finish the major part of a model that I’m doing as a collaborative project for a friend (the cube-dragon that I mentioned in my last blog post).

I’ve also modeled a clicker pen and a white-out pen and added them to the hand so far this week, but I haven’t done any screen-grabs of them yet.

  When I list the assets I’ve made this week it doesn’t seem to me like I’ve made all that much progress actually, but, really, I’m nearly done with the support hand on the statue and over halfway through the supporting arm. Plus, I feel confident that by the time I go into class on Tuesday morning I will have the entire arm done. As I said, I’m done with the major part of my collaboration project model: I just have a few hours’ worth of clean-up work left. I have some more sculpting to do on my large Creature Design maquette (see pics of my progress below!), but I probably won’t get to that until Tuesday or Wednesday. I’ll be working on Modo renders practically all week in all likelihood, but I’ll have plenty of time to work on other things between renders. And I have absolutely no plans this weekend. To some that might be pathetic, but for me it’s cause to celebrate all the great work time I can get in (it’s the cost of being a grad student – well, that and, you know, the actual cost in tuition…) All in all, it’s shaping up to be a busy, yet productive week.


Creature Design - Large Sculpture Armature:

 Large Maquette Stage 1: