Preproduction: Week... ???

Hello again world! I know I disappeared for awhile, but I have resurfaced... finally. I have no idea what week number I'm supposed to be on for my preproduction schedule: complications arose and threw everything off and I eventually ended up just doing work as I could rather than following a specific plan.

The last time I posted I was living in Arizona and had just finished a semester of online classes. Now (after a whirlwind of a summer vacation) I am back in California and back to attending classes on campus! (Yes!) I have completed all of my thesis preproduction work and put together my presentation, and I submitted it earlier today. Wish me luck that it gets approved.

It is currently past 4am as I am typing this and I haven't gone to sleep yet, so I am not going to spend the time getting all of the necessary files together now to add to this blog, but this weekend I will begin putting up individual posts on the topic of each element in my proposed thesis project. I will share with you my model designs, ideas about the characters and environment, and any particularly interesting tidbits of information about the process of designing the elements.

For now, I'm still alive. I didn't disappear off the face of the earth - just the face of the internet for 3 months. I will try to avoid such dissappearances in the future. I plan to submit new blog posts much more regularly, though I doubt I'll be able to post every week due to the demands of my coursework - perhaps every two weeks, with bonus posts during slow periods. We'll see how it goes. For now, I'll definitely post at least once more by the end of the weekend with some insight into my character designs for my thesis project, and next week I'll share my joy or grief over the outcome of my Midpoint Review, which is the presentation that determines whether my thesis project gets approved or not.


Also, for anyone who may be wondering - I know I left you in suspense after that last post - my warrior maquette has survived. He's successfully kept his head since the oven disaster. I'm so proud. :)